New camera: Nikon D5100

Yesterday I bought a new camera. I went for a single-lens reflex camera from Nikon, the D5100. I am really really happy with it!:D I started reading the manual, and I still have… Continue reading

Saturday night out

Today’s outfit is something I would wear while going out and having a drink/dance. I really like the hat as I think it gives the outfit something playful. What would you wear on… Continue reading

The search for the perfect knit!

Lately I have been searching for the perfect knit for me. I found some beautiful ones at the Acne¬† online webshop, but at this moment I don’t think my bank account can handle… Continue reading

Sunny autumn day

The weather¬† has been really lovely for autumn in The Netherlands. Normally it will rain cats and dogs, but luckily not the last few days. I therefore decided to be daredevil-ish and go… Continue reading

Wouldn’t mind adding these items to my wardrobe

Wouldn’t mind at all adding these items to my wardrobe. I’ve been spending my afternoons searching in online webshops and putting items in my ‘basket’ but deleting them everytime. Maybe some of these… Continue reading

Start of something new

Hi everyone, Over the past years I’ve been following many blogs. Lately, I started thinking more and more about making my own one. So here it is. It is brand new and still… Continue reading