Interior inspiration

Let’s dream together today, about these beautiful homes right on the beach. If I could choose only one place I want to live for the rest of my life (and I truly want to live in NYC), it will be in a beautiful house near the beach, wake up every morning and go for a walk or swim. What about you? Where do you want to live?


31047-Beautiful-Beach-House Beach-House-California4 california-beach-house-spells-luxury-and-class-11 dream-house-beach-house Exterior-wood-shutters-pools-area-and-baby-bed-sofas item1.rendition.slideshow.abigail-turin-03-living-room Living-Room-Glass-Walls-Ocean-Views-Beach-House-Laguna-Beach-California Malibu-Beach-house-bedroom malibu-california-beach-house-2 Rockledge-Residence-9