The self tan guide – do’s and don’ts

Spring has arrived! Now we more often can catch a glimpse of the sun, it’s a matter of time before we want to go out bare legged again. With my superduper pale legs that just won’t tan I like to turn to self tanner. For you guys who also are clumsy at applying self tan like me, it can be quit the hassle. Don’t worry, because with these do’s and don’ts you’ll become the bronzy greek goddess in no time!




– Give yourself the best scrub you’ve ever had the day before applying your self tan
– Ask a friend to help you applying self tanner to your back, to avoid those unfortunate streaks
– Apply a little bit of your favourite body lotion on your hands, feet, elbows and knees, to avoid getting very dark/orange skin
– Test the self tanner on a little piece of your skin if you are a little bit anxious. If you like the result, than go ahead an apply it to your whole body.




– Shave on the day you want to apply your self tan. It’s better to do this the day before.
– Use a self tan that is specifically for your legs or body on your face. Look for a all-in-one or find a seperate selftanner for your face.
– Leave the tan on longer than recommended. Just rinse the tanner off and wait until it has fully developed. You can always apply another layer the next day.


My favourite products


After sharing my self tanning tips, here a a few of my favourite products



Rituals Rice Scrub


A tanning mit whitetobrown-self-tan-mist

White to brown tanning mist10360052-1372956439-291318

St. TropezĀ  Self tan bronzing mousse