Changing hairstyles?



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Guys, I’ve got a problem! I really want to change up my hairstyle, but I don’t really know what I want… Do you know that feeling, that you want to do something different with your hair, but you’re in doubt whether you will regret it or not?
For me, the feeling of wanting to change my hair most of the times equals a change in my life. At this moment, I’m almost done with my study and I feel like I need to end this chapter with a change of hairstyle.

I totally lovelovelove the platinum blonde/grey-ish/purple-ish hairstyle, but I don’t think my dark hair can handle the amount of bleach. What else am I loving? Bangs! I’ve have had them before, and I know they suit me well (especially with a little beanie… so cute!) but I’ve done that already….

Got any tips?! I can use them!;)