My Favourite Summer Drinks



tumblr_mnmaoida0u1rdd34do1_500Flavoured water

How to make it:

– Fill a can with water

– Add some of your favourite ingredients, mine are mint and lime

– Leave it in the fridge for half a day to let the flavours out

– Put some icecubes into your glass and fill it with this delicious, non-alcoholic, but almost mojito-like freshness!



How to make it:

– Slice up a lemon, orange, some peaches and an apple and put them in a can

– Add a bottle of red wine, and about 100-150 ml of brandy (or dark rum if you want)

– Add a little bit of sugar or honey

– Finally, put in around 500 ml of sparkling water, 7up or Fanta lemon (depending on how strong you want the sangria to be)

Leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours (overnight is better!) and serve it cold.


Raspberry – Banana smoothie

How to make it:

– Put a banana in your blender

– Add frozen raspberries. I like to use quite a lot of raspberries because I like the slightly sour taste

– Finally I add some coconut water (pineapple flavoured)

Ph. via Tumblr