Spring Streestyle Inspiration

hbz-shop-the-look-rose-colored-sm Babyblauwe-trui_reference

Groen-en-geel-zien_reference hbz-shop-the-look-lead-22200036-sm hbz-shop-the-look-lead-sm Laagjes-pastel_reference

Spring is here for a few months now, but I last week was the first time I could wear my favourite spring/summer dresses. In need of some colourful clothes (my winter wardrobe consist mostly out of whites and blacks) I’ve got some spring streetstyle for you today! Although I really like the black/white or white/white trends, I find it fun to also add some pastelly items to my wardrobe. What’s your favourite outfit for spring?!

Source: Elle.nl & Harpersbazaar.com