10 x things on my bucket list

Making a  road trip through the USA

It has been one of my dreams to make a road trip through the USA. From the east coast to the west coast, riding for hours and hours and make stops wherever you want. I’ve been in the USA before ( New York & Florida ) and I loved it so much that I need to go back someday:)


Although I have huge fear of highs, I’d like to go skydiving at least once in my life. I’d probably need to push myself to get into that plane and of course jumping out of it, but in the end I think I will enjoy it so much.

To see the northern lights

I really want to see this beautiful phenomenon myself.


Watching all the Harry Potter Movies in a row

Who doesn’t want to do this?! I’m not sure if I will make it, or fall asleep halfway movie nr 5, but I need to try this at least;)

Get my motorcycle  license

Most people I tell this don’t believe me when I say I really want to be able to drive a motorcycle. I’d like to take out my motorcycle and drive for miles and miles

Go to the Sziget festival

Going to this festival is a big dream! I’ve heard so much about it. I really like to go to festivals, hang out, chill and dance, and Sziget is one of the biggest festivals in Europe so I need to experience this!

Visit a Wadden isle

I lived in The Netherlands for my whole life and I’ve never visited a Wadden Isle before. Shame on me! I’ve really need to do this, as a Dutchie, maybe this summer:)


Dye my hair blonde

It might not seem as an item for your bucket list, but I really never dared to dye my whole hair blonde. I’ve experimented with lots and lots of highlights, but never were a full blondie.

Go snorkeling in the Caribbean

Who doesn’t want to go snorkeling in the Caribbean? To see all the beautiful and colourful fish and coral. I’d love to!

Attending the New years dive

Every day at January 1st, a lot of crazy people go to the seaside and run into the ocean because it’s a new year. I’ve always thought those persons are so so mad for doing this, but secretly I really want to be a little crazy myself;)


I hope you enjoyed reading some things I’ve got on my bucket list! Do you also have one? I’d love if you share some of your items as well^^ xxx