Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter! I hope you all enjoy your weekend, whether or not you’re celebrating Easter. My parents came to visit us, and we had a lovely brunch. (With i.a. freshly baked breads, salmon, cheese, peanut butter and off course… eggs;) )
Tomorrow ( do you also have two days of Easter? In The Netherlands we do) I will go and visit my in-laws and have a nice dinner with yet again lovely people.

Because it is Easter and the weather is quite good, I decided to bring a little colour into my outfit, and I picked this bright yellow cardigan, matching Easter colours perfectly.

I want to wish you a nice weekend and enjoy your time with your family or if you’re not doing anything Easter-related; relax, enjoy the sun and do some other super awesome things!:)

Cardigan: Forever 21
Black top: H&M
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Balenciaga
Clutch: H&M