Editorial: Changing seasons

Hi everyone,

As I’m writing this post, it’s raining cats and dogs outside. It’s april 14th for god sake! I have had enough with the rain and changing weather each week, and I’m in desperate need of calm weather with sunshine.

Getting dressed in the morning with this unpredictable weather can be very difficult. You never now if it’s going to rain that day, or if the sun will break through the clouds.. So, what to wear?!

Yesterday I had to work and afterwards I went to see a baseball game of my boyfriend. In the morning, I thought I would wear a long sleeve shirt and bring a cardigan with me to wear under my leather jacket at the game. Little did I know that there wasn’t any sunshine, and it was windy outside (FYI a baseball game can take up at least 3 hours, I watched half of the game and I was free-zing!).

After being totally frozen (take this with a pinch of salt;)) I made a mental note to always bring a scarf with me, at any time, until the temperature will definitely be over 20 degrees…

A good way to handle this change of season is to layer. Not as heavily as we like to do during the winter season, but if you wear light layers, you can always take off a cardigan, or a scarf when it’s warm, and add a layer when you’re getting cold.

For some inspiration on how to wear layers in spring, I’ve searched for some nice inspiration outfits online.

For now, let’s all hope the sun will break through the clouds more and more and spring will change into summer before we know it.

Xxx Laura

ps. Quick tip: always bring a little umbrella with you in your handbag!

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