White Crop Top


The crop tops are back! Let’s go back to the ’90s! I was born in 1990, and when I was little I had one favourite outfit that existed of a pair of babyblue shorts with lace and a white crop top, also lace. Every time my mom washed this outfit, I immediately put it on again. Did you also had one favourite outfit during your childhood that you wore untill the clothes fell apart?

I am exited to see the ’90s fashion again, but I’m a little insecure about the belly showing tops that are all over in stores now. I decided to wear a longer black top underneath my crop top, to layer and to hide my bare belly;)

Also this is the second outfit of wearing my lita’s! My last outfit this week wearing these lita’s will be up in the weekend!^^


Black top: H&M
White crop top: H&M (Now in stores!)
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell