The Lace Maxi Dress – Best Budget Buy

DKNYDKNY Lace maxi skirt

DKNY Lace Maxi Skirt, €390 via

HM lace Maxi Skirthmprod

H&M Lace Maxi Skirt, €24,95 via

So today, I was browsing the H&M website for some new goodies and I found this a-ma-zing lace maxi skirt. After placing my order, and doing a little happy dance, I found the DKNY lace maxi dress in the online magazine of net-a-porter. True, the DKNY skirt probably is of much better quality and maybe a little prettier, but the H&M version is +/- €365 cheaper. I proudly pronounce this skirt the best-budget-buy of the day;)

xxx Laura