Weekly instagram photos #3


Christmas decorations! 0a8d00da611a11e389941239b0cdd749_8At first, we didn’t tought we would buy a christmas tree this year, since we recently moved in here and still have some things to do.


But then I saw these little trees at the store and I couldn’t resist them. bd014cd0629b11e39cee0e4cc6fd04b8_8A very big Christmas tree at the Neude in Utrecht.

3bfdf578626b11e38f5c12ef17e62143_8I also needed to study a bit this week. I really want to finish my thesis soon!c563d2b0663f11e3952712342e1f6268_8

Delicious dutch breakfast, wentelteefjes! a4acc368657411e3818812cca6e3d38e_8

This CD of Bruce Springsteen is one of my favourites. What an amazing man, the boss! 289cde32629c11e3b1f9120696764a29_8Wednesday I went to the city with my boyfriend for some quality time and a lovely dinner. 72f7bdbc637811e386d512268e26cd93_8

In the evening I like to wear this cozy socks, and lounge on our comfy couch4a0ce8f064f911e3984e123939604885_8Lastly, a picture from an outfit post of last week!

This instagram of the week-post is a day late, due to the fact I had to work this weekend and was super super tired afterwards. Hope you enjoyed it tough!