Goodskin Labs Z-pore primer

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A primer isn’t the first product you think about when shopping for make-up. However, I often read about primers, and how well they can work. When I was in the city last week, I entered a beauty store to look for a foundation and primer. The very friendly makeup-artist recommended Z-pore from Goodskin Labs. She applied it on my face and I was instantly hooked.

What does Goodskin Labs themselves have to say about this product?

”Everyone has pores. And that means everyone can have enlarged pores. Some may be caused by clogging of dirt and oil. Others may appear larger due to loss of skin elasticity and sagging. And still others may be caused by stress, hormones, and environmental aggressors.
With Z-Pore™ Instant Pore Refiner, you can minimize the look of pores – instantly and all day!
This lightweight pore perfector smoothes on skin to immediately hide pores and impart a natural-looking, velvety smooth, flawless finish. The result? Finally, a perfected complexion with or without makeup.” Price: €24,95 for /.68 oz
Goodskin Labs

Personally, I have some visible pores on and around my nose and chin. Those are also the places my foundation wears off the most. When applying I focus on those areas, next to my forehead, which also can become a little oily and shiny at the end of the day.
What notices me when applying this primer, is the silky smooth texture of the product. It applies really easily and blends out really well. Make sure that your moisturizer is sunken into your skin really well, otherwise the primer can clod a little bit.
After using the primer, I use my foundation and it applies amazingly. I definitely can feel the difference if I use a primer or not. My foundation looks better, blends better and stays longer on my face. perfectly.

Usually, when I have dinner plans in the evening and I apply my makeup in the morning, I would have to give myself a little check and clean up in the evening. Now I can enjoy a perfect face the whole day.

I am off course really content with this primer, but that doesn’t say it works well for you too. If you are interested in using a primer you can always go to a beauty store in your area for a recommendation for your skintype. Also drugstores have many primers available at a more friendly budget.