Weekly instagram photo’s #2

Already another week went by. Come and see my weekly instagram pictures!:)

bb82c56e5b3e11e38ce00e4d3238112a_8I always start the day with a cup of coffee.

e9f3240a5dac11e385f7128629369f33_8Details of our interior. White butterflies upon the wall.


I’m totally loving The xx. This song is continuously playing on spotify .b3fff99e5dc611e3a68a125a695d4d27_8

Do you remember this outfit of last year? 63600f9a5a9e11e38f3c0ab06fdbedbd_8A little surprise from the boyfriend. He knows I adore flowers


A true instagram picture. #fromwhereistand ;) 2723c5425dc011e3a7ee125b385f7646_8

At december 5th we celebrated Sinterklaas in The Netherlands. Did he get you something good?462a53405cab11e3b5e50e98919a0b5f_8

Good morning! 5959c5d45a9b11e3ba74128f0696eb74_8Selfie ‘o clock4184a71a5e7b11e3ae7f129f892c173a_8Me and my boyfriend like to game now and then;)