New Haircut… again.

new haircut again
Hi everyone! Today an update about my hair. About a month ago I went to the hairdresser to get my hair dyed and cut. At first, I was really happy with it, but the last few weeks I got irritated by the colour and cut, so I decided to go to the hairdresser again.;) This time I went for a high-end saloon in the city center called Rob Peetoom, and damn I found myself the best hairdresser in town! They’ve cut my hair so it’s got lots of volume but it doesn’t  frizz as much as it used to. Also I’m very happy with the colour, it is so close to my natural hair colour and it is, after a week or so, still as shiny as it was after it had been coloured:)
Do you stick to your hairdresser or do you switch a lot? I think I found myself a keeper!

Ps. I think I lost the charger of my camera, can’t find it anywhere!! So I will keep looking and hopefully find it soon you I can provide you with an outfit and better quality pictures than this one;)