Favourite music artists

I’m a huge music fan. Whenever I’m on my way I always have my headphones on and listening to the radio or one of my playlists. Also I’m very keen to exploring new artists and discovering new sounds. Today I would like to share my favourite artists and songs with you.

Laura Marling is such a great singer/songwriter from England. I’ve been to her concert this spring in Paradiso Amsterdam and it was great!

We all know the band Mumford and Sons. They have recently brought out their second album. I love this song, can’t get enough of it.

Ever since I saw the movie ‘Into the wild’ I’m addicted to the music Eddie Vedder wrote for the soundtrack of this movie. It is so good, and it fits the story perfectly.

Off course, I cannot forget The Boss. Last May, I was lucky to see Bruce Springsteen at Pinkpop and he was great! He played for 3 hours, as we know he almost always does, and it was beautiful!

Finally I would like to show you the cooperation between Mark Lanegan and Isobell Campbell. They’ve made a couple of cd’s together and I find their sound unique. I can listen to their music at every time of the day. It is so relaxing and light and dark at the same time;)

I hope you find this artists and their songs nice to listen and read about;) Let me know if you have an artists which everyone should listen to! Would love to explore new music!