Foto tutorial no-makeup makeup

Hi! Today I would like to show you a fototutorial of my no-makeup makeup look;). It is a step by step overview with some comments!

Start of with a clean moisturized face.

Then apply a little layer of foundation to take away any redness in your face.

If you find it necessary, apply a little bit of concealer under your eyes or on any blemishes. Make sure you use as little as possible.

Full in your eyebrows if you need to. I like mine to be big and bold, so I would fill them in;)
Also, apply a little bit of highlighter underneath your eyebrow and in the inner corners of your eyes to make them more bright.

Now it’s time to apply a little bit of bronzer and/or blush. I used a cream bronzer for a little bit of contour and a pink powder blush for a nice glow on my cheeks.

Then apply your favourite mascara. I applied it only on the top lashes and I used a black one. You can also use a brown mascara for an even more natural look.

I hope you find this step by step look nice to read. And I would like to wish you good luck with your no-makeup makeup look!