How I like to wear my hair!

  Hi everyone! Today I wanted to show you my current favourite hairstyles! As you might know, or have seen, I often wear my hair loose and natural looking, sometimes with some extra… Continue reading

Coachella Streetstyle Inspiration Part 2

Casual and Comfort

        Every girl needs a couple of items that can be worn most of the time with ease. Just something to fall back on when your mind isn’t creative at… Continue reading

Coachella Streetstyle Inspiration part 1


11 x braided hairstyles

     Source: Tumblr

Editorial: Changing seasons

Hi everyone, As I’m writing this post, it’s raining cats and dogs outside. It’s april 14th for god sake! I have had enough with the rain and changing weather each week, and I’m… Continue reading

Spring dress

Today I’ve got my final outfit in the lita series, I hope you’ve got some inspiration how to wear these heavy metal shoes. For the last look, I chose to wear the lita’s… Continue reading

8 X Beautiful Lofts


White Crop Top

The crop tops are back! Let’s go back to the ’90s! I was born in 1990, and when I was little I had one favourite outfit that existed of a pair of babyblue… Continue reading

Spring Layering

Spring is here! Or it was here in The Netherlands.. Last week it was about 21 degrees with really nice sunshine, and now the temperature has dropped about 10 degrees! Luckily there’s still… Continue reading